How do you guys get better at programming?

I'm very new to this sphere and currently I'm learning C++ (think strings, bools and early stages of if/else) due to university course and I have fun with it during labs, but when I have to do something by myself from scratch, I reach a certain point and then I get stuck. I try re-reading the lectures but I can't find appropriate solution for the issues I face.

Do I keep doing simple tasks or do I just watch/read guides or tutorials? What is your input on the matter, fellows? :)

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    The most important thing about programming is the very basics. Theres a core set of ideas that remains the same across most languages.

    Once you've got a good grasp on that. I find setting a goal and achieving it has been the most impactful when i teach.

    Example, make a text based calculator, next make a text rpg, etc

    As you achieve each small task, youll naturally get better
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    I think the best way to learn and to get a "feel" for the language is to solve problems with it. During coding, making up structures, using your functions, understandig and fixing errors, you really begin to understand.
    So I would suggest you take what you know already and think of a basic problem you want to solve. "I want my program to do X". During that process you will often wonder "How you could do Y?" and then you will google it and hopefully (probably) find a solution. Then you apply it, learn from the bugs and in the end, when it works its time to feel good :)
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    In school, the teacher has seen your assignments turned in hundreds of times a year. It's hard to give a shit knowing they don't give a rat's ass about your solution.

    Do some bullshit work as a freelancer, the shitty money and shitty customers will teach you so much more than school.
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    I had the same problem and still have it to a certain degree, what you need is time to get some patterns into your brain, so first concentrate on how to use the syntax and after some time it'll get easier to come up with things on your own
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