Today I laughed so hard watching various Windows Scammer Pranks on youtube

Scammers calling themselves Certified Windows Genius 😂😂😂

Just type "Indian Scammer" on YouTube and enjoy..

Ps: I am an Indian too and I am very ashamed of all these scammers

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    An Indian Indian scammer called me the other day, and I let him control my virtual machine. It ended up with me controlling his pc and he offered me a job as a scammer as well (wtf?).
    Anyways, he practically handed me his full name and credit card number...
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    @devs 😂😂 should have recorded it! that would have been a hilarious video
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    @AdamGaskins I wanted to, but my sound card to my microphone recently broke :( so it would have been quite a silent video
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    I just went on YouTue and searched these and now I'm addicted.
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    @dfox I gets to you fast. It's hilarious. I just feel bad for those people who actually believe these scams
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    @devs yeah, it really is shitty what they do. I wonder how many people they actual get to fall for it.
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    @dfox I'm guessing quite a few since they are sill doing it. Especially the elderly with less experience with computers
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    Something like apple genius? :D
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    I saw one yesterday and the guy was using a virtual desktop and the "support" guy set a syskey on it to lock the guy out. He called up godaddy (their domain provider) and they lost the domain
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    @cciamlazy they tried to set the syskey on my VM too, but I added a character to the password every time until he locked locked the input from my side. Later I just restored from a snapshot and showed him that I had removed the password
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