With very little experience I have become head of software integration on a multimillion dollar state contract. (Whole other story on that part) had a meeting with the states mainframe and DB departments this last week after having worked in person with these guys for three months. They told me that I am by far their favorite employee of a vendor they have worked with. I have put a lot of work into understanding their workflows and making sure we have minimal impact on their systems. Evidently this is a rare occurrence for them. I am just so stoked that I am having such a positive impact on them while still getting my job done. Still have a long way to go, but it is awesome to hear I am at least making a good impression for my company!


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    You say little experience. I disagree.

    If you have made enough impact to warrant compliments like that, you are qualified enough and experienced enough. You just need to learn some minor details.

    Don't sell yourself short. It makes it sound like you think you don't deserve your position.

    Keep doing you fam.
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    @D--M fair enough! I say little experience cause I went from never having worked on a dev team a year and a half ago to heading up this major facet of the company. It is still a little intimidating. But you are right, it is the details I am working on. Thankfully I can effectively communicate with people and also do technical work.
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