Before starting to work. Puts on earphones and starts listening music, while working wild error appears, pauses music to concentrate on fixing error.

Day passes earphone on but no music playing.
Happens every time.

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    Happens all the time
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    I sometimes leave them in ears without music on purpose. That way no-one will disturb me.
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    I do this often on purpose! Most of my colleagues including me have noise cancelling headphones because it really lets you focus on shit and you don't get distracted by someone being in a Call or similar
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    I like to hear soundtracks of Star Wars or Indiana Jones because it is not distracting like the music I listen to normally and I do not have to turn it off for tricky bugs.
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    Every time dude, every time.
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    I have also heard that listening to video game soundtracks is good for studying etc. They are designed to make player concentrated so it might be true :)
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    At least everyone else thinks you’re listening to music so they leave you alone
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