Apple just denied my app because one of the screenshots for the app tells users that the live-data comes from the (official) company that this (official company's) app is created for.

Nice one apple....again...

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    @ostream source on this?
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    I don’t get Apple’s strict guidelines….. They were about to remove iSH (A linux usermode emulator) from App Store, Because it allowed for remote arbitrary code execution…… Keep in mind, The app asked for zero permissions :/
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    App got Appled
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    @agent-z I resubmitted, now they tell me the generic phone model used in another screenshot MUST now be an iphone, not just a generic model, because....."referencing third-party platforms in your app or its metadata is generally not relevant for App Store users, who are focused on the experiences offered by their current device"........do they really think that an iphone user will look at the screenshot and think "that's not an iphone in that screenshot - MY ENTIRE IPHONE EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN RUINED! I CAN'T COPE! WHAT DO I DO??! HOW DO I LIVE NOW!!"
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    They're just bullying
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    Update - we finally passed the moderator with the god-complex. The app is live !!
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