Boss: "Can you create a login page where every login fails?"

Me: "Sure thing!"
*Writes out php file that returns false and calls it via AJAX*

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    Why would someone need such a feature?
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    Pure evil
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    Talk about overengineering, you need neither a backend nor JavaScript for that!
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    Why the hell, though...?
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    Boss: can you write a page where the login always fails?

    Me: Sure. *Writes it in PHP*
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    @deusprogrammer yeah you can just add a form like this:

    <form method="post" action="">
    Username: <input type="text">
    Passwd: <input type="password">
    <input type="submit" value="submit">
    echo "Login failed!";

    Of course you can store what the user inputs using MySQL and whatnot, but why would anyone require this?
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    @RAZERZ bravo XD. Your deflection of my sarcasm with more sarcasm was legendary.
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