So, I have this little USB Stick with a Kali Linux Partition on it which I use for school. (I boot up from the USB instead of the installed windows, so I have all my personal data everywhere I go)
But somehow I forgot the USB in class last week... 😭
Today I'll ask the teacher if he found anything. Wish me luck!

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    Teacher: "Unfortunately, somebody seems to have hacked me and altered the grades for this class, do you know anything about this?"

    You: "Nope, but did you maybe happen to find a USB stick that had 'just sone boring, old photos' scribbled on it? It's mine, I must have forgotten it here."

    Teacher: "Why yes, I found one right next to your desk yesterday. Is this the one?"

    You: "Yes, thank you."

    Teacher: "You're welcone."
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    @theNox Sorry, I don't understand :)
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    @AlexDeLarge I just noticed: You're welCONE bahahaha
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    I've got it!
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    Shoutout to my teacher btw!
    He saw that I have a partition on it and therefore kept it for me!
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    @theNox Haha, yeah, my smartphone's touchscreen is fucked, and additionally I suck balls at writing/tapping on smartphones.
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