Pissed off. Planning on imposing a company wide hook that prevents you checking in code with a @Generated annotation. Seriously, never even heard about it being used outside of auto generated code until some bozos here seem to have started using it to silently drop complicated classes from test coverage metrics. Is this a thing with new coders these days, or are my lot just cowboys?!

No more, anyway. Sometimes it's convenient to be able to pull rank.

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    avoiding tests by leaving a mark in commits doesnt seem very silent to me, can easily be reprimanded
    Unless the bosses are the ones who started it lmao
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    How does that go through code review?
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    "generated" by artificial intelligence?
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    I hate generated code
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    @saucyatom I look after too many teams to review all their code individually - and to a reasonable point, I don't like to micromanage this even if I could (I don't care about style stuff, or per-team conventions they've set even if they're a bit weird or not what I would have done.) So internally they decided this was fine, and just kept approving it.

    When there's something this monumentally stupid though, I have to step in.
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    @azuredivay Oh it has been reprimanded ;-)
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    @AlmondSauce If they simple approve that I'll assume your workplace looks somewhat like this:

    Seems like devrant doesn't want my picture :(
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    @saucyatom Sadly yes.

    I'm working on it... but it's slow.
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