Fuck this. I need a data science job title.

We're implementing something based on a paper, as requested by our head of DS. The head of DS hasn't read the paper. I have. So has my team. We're discussing something, they don't understand how we should do something, I understand it coz I have a maths background but they want to ask head of DS to be sure. Who hasn't read the paper. I knew he hadn't read the paper because he came up with a stupid newfangled solution to a problem, when the paper already solves the problem, so his idea isn't needed but we implemented it as an optional feature to keep him happy anyway. So why the fuck are we asking him? He's not an idiot, but he does throw a lot of stuff at the wall hoping it'll stick. And he's not very methodical. And not reading the paper is unprofessional as fuck.

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