Any of you on prozac? My sister in Nevada was prescribed it a few years back and never took it because she was nervous and had heard bad things about it.

Shes been a manic depressive her whole life, and has always been anxious about every little thing since we were kids.

What was your experience with prozac if any?

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    Is it an SSRI?

    I read somewhere that most mass shooters were on SSRIs.

    My cognitive behavior therapist also had a very negative opinion about medications in general.
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    @kobenz lexapro caused me serious psychosis. Hypersensitivity to all inputs. But my compassion for people was seriously heightened. Couldn't stay on it as it was messing with my ability to function.
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    so your sis is gonna trust the opinion of random, anonymous strangers on the internet more than the opinion of a trained professional?

    on more serious notes: EVERY single medication EVER has potential benefits and potential risks.
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    Just stick with Bars bruh
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    @tosensei it's more like I want to know what to expect from her if she ends up using it.
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