I came into work with a skip in my step and was actually feeling positive for once.

That all came crashing down when a guy I despise who has half the experience I do and even less seniority than I do got promoted above me before I did.

This guy is a talentless, boring, irritating hack who rides the success of others and does everything to glorify his ego. He shits on everything he doesn’t like and no one likes him. I guess that’s why he’s on the fast track to management.

I asked why I haven’t been promoted yet, despite being the technical guru on the team and having professional accomplishments that make his look silly in comparison. Their reason “well he comes in earlier than you”. Well guess what fuckers. I still get my work done and I stay later. Seriously, fuck this place.

This guy also worked with me on a past project. I use “worked” loosely because he did nothing but sit there and criticize everything while doing minimal code. When the company we were doing the work for folded he demanded to be paid his full portion, and I got jack shit despite having done all of the fucking work.

This guy...seriously...why do people who do fucking nothing get the glory? Why do I even fucking try?

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    Show proof of his lack of effort.
    And leave.

    If they want him so badly, let them have him. They can sing his praises all the way to bankruptcy.
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    I can't agree more with @Ashkin and @g-m-f! They don't give you the respect you're worth. 🙁
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    Wow look at you thinking you know everything just because you have been around for longer. How cute!
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    @n3xus no dickhead. It’s because I have actually worked with him. If you read the damn post, you would know that.
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    Sorry nexus, I shouldn’t have lost my temper. It’s been a long depressing day.

    I have worked with the guy a lot in the past. And he has come to me for architecture and design help and then taken credit for it as if it was his own. He has written (minimal) code for the project I mentioned and it was an awful copy pasted mess.

    I have no doubt that there are better developers than I am with less experience. But this guy isn’t one of them.
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    @deusprogrammer nah it's all good I'm messing with you. Sorry to hear about the bad day :/
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    @n3xus and I am sorry I called you a dick head :(
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    Lol its all good <3
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    Shots fired
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