I was adding a new API integration into the product today, half of the API Documentation is written like shit, and has mistakes in them.

Okay, I kind of solved what ever errors there were in the documentation and got the API to give a response.
Tried to simulate an error response and all I get is 'Internal Server Error'.

What fucking pieces of shit wrote an API, which doesn't provide a correct error response.
I had to write to the support team in order to get everything clarified.
The elements that were indicated as optional should be there in the request it seems, if you don't want to enter any data for that, pass an empty string to it.
Atleast they could've given a proper error response / their documentation could've been better!

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    are we working on the same API?

    mine is missing data types too, which is horrible
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    Is this a thing that all of the web devs face?
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    @navster95 I think so,
    in the old company it was like composing other services into one service by us used by others

    our integrators did not once complain about our documentation since we had 6 different documents for the other apis and we learned from their mistakes
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    @tkdmatze The API that I use is also not really impressive!
    I kind of felt like we shouldn't use their service because of the bad experience that I had right now.
    In my company, devs create all the API documents because we have an idea about how an API works and we know that it should be easy for other devs to understand how our API works.

    This is a documentation which is not nearly complete, the URL's are different.
    The response is not what it is.
    In short.. it is SHIT!
    I lost a whole day figuring out how to get the API to work and still!

    Internal Server Error is what got me mad, that should be the last resort error response that an API should provide, and all I got was fucking server errors!
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