So... I might have to build a survey and analysis tool to be used online nation wide (the final client is the government).
The bad news, it's probably going live in a week.
Even though 90% I wrote and tested in the last 3 years (matrixes,formulas,dB, Interface elements ) from previous runs, I have to handle fronted, databases, math, testing and design.
Over a daily changing methodology and session workflow (by my direct client).
No sleep for the next few days 😭

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    hmm this sounds like what i'm currently working on 😏
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    Really? As far as I know I'm the only developer, but there are more people involved.
    Are we on the same country?
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    @nbamaral no,i'm in Nigeria...the idea just looks similar but i'm sure it's definitely not the same 😀
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    😄 ok.
    Good luck on your project then, mine is almost ready, if they don't postpone it.
    This is a specialized tool to draw conclusions by comparing things in pairs, a lot of math will say how consistent the answer was.
    (this is my best try at explain, I just code and compare my results with what it should give)
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    @nbamaral well done 💪
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    Project closed, files sent, hopefully no more calls,texts and emails tomorrow, asking for last minute "little" fixes 🙌
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