My current project involves storing parents and children of parents in to a community database.

My current parameters include "availablechildren", "selectedchildren" and "forchildren"...and I'm worried somebody in this office is going to see this and I'm going to end up on some kind of register :S

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    are you making a list?

    Have you checked it twice?
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    @netikras oh god...I used a Justin Roiland cartoon to display humour too...........oh god.
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    @ojt-rant What's that episode? I can't seem to remember it.
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    @FallingUpwards True!
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    @SuspiciousBug thank the good lord I'm not using "nonce" values
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    If it makes you feel any better, I'm still trying to think of a way to label 'Quantifying Human Value' as something palatable to Millennials and gen...z? And I somehow "trigger" people when they ask me how come my left arm doesn't work, as it's condition also has retarded growth.
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    @awesomeest There is an error response in my list for this project that says "sorry, you don't have any children".

    We've been trying for a baby for a couple of years now, so everytime I see that line, I'm like...thanks man, we'll get there....we'll get there.
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    @ojt-rant still better than the majority of my error msgs.
    function_name + "fail" + exception
    Often a "wtf" inserted if no caught exception.
    My client side is worse. I can't bring myself to pander (like reiterating a loop cuz someone gave bs input, and the prompt asking "please..."). I wind up with something like "{input} isn't an integer(number), try again" and someone somewhere getting offended.
    For some reason, when I'm hyperfocus coding, I only think in code and German (2nd language that, outside of my head/failed attempts at understandable comments, is, nowadays, primarily used to yell at my dog).

    Good luck on the baby. I decided no to that back when I was 8; now I don't have all the reqd parts. I like kids, just in small doses and not living with me/me being infinitely response for them. I likely seem like a creep since I own a bounce house and always have a wide selection of plushies to gift. Won a bet w/mom sourcing one at 12; I'm really good at crane games for tax purposes.
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    I'm inept at naming things too. The vast majority of my coding hasnt needed to correlate with anyone else... so I'd just use whatever I naturally thought of, often abbreviated, sometimes with numbers. Since I know 5-7 languages well... it's essentially unintended encryption.

    Wrote a quick, simple af, temporary website rel to our projects, tried to make it useful to a couple brand new babydevs by using only HTML and CSS (which I preferred before they started appending numbers) with a tiny bit of PHP...

    I really did try... at least at first, to be a decent example... but I ended with sections like .poorly_named and arrays of ~25 normal and inverted box-shadow because it was driving me nuts.
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    @awesomeest I'm coding for a German company. but as an English person (sole developer in this case) I'm 'Denglishing' many of my variable names:



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    @ojt-rant un/fortunately, I'm the owner/boss... almost everyone is in different countries, none german-speaking. My assistant/babydev#1/valid-title-tbd is incredibly intelligent, and Burmese. He had never spoken with a native English speaker 2yrs ago... As per my standard-- Don't know a word? Look it up, he now has a vocab higher than most native, HS English teachers... and no valid frame of ref to more common usage.

    Just in case that's not enough, I tend towards UK English as my 1st job, 3 years at least full-time, was UK company, i was a translator (and a pile of evolving other things)to/from German.

    Our NDAs are also UK english.

    ...I cant help but imagining when he encounters some native english speaker on his own someday... they are gonna be sooo confused

    Super jealous of your reqd denglisch vars.
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