i was watching a video on how whatsapp can't make enough profits coz its free and even though its a clear lie (the cartel money made by selling user data will obviously not show up in legal books), i had a thought. can any good consumer software be ever kept free for usage?

Say i made a very awesome chat app. it has 0 bugs, it does the basic tasks of sending /receiving data and media correctly and do not require any maintenence .It also is optimising a lot of cloud cost by keeping user data in their own devices and only transmitting data on triggers.

i still would require a server to keep the trigger architecture alive. and all the servers in the world are maintained by for profit corporates which will charge a premium for their services. so free products are a fallacy as someone is paying for it. it will be an investor, a different business or we the consumer (either directly as subscription , or indirectly via ads or personal data)

So i guess this realisation is going to hit soon to a lot of tiktok and insta influenza kids

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    make it _truly_ decentralised. then you won't need servers. problem solved.
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    I recommend looking into the Signal messaging app
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    There are quite some examples. Linux, Firefox and Signal are fits examples. Spotify actually started out by using torrent like file sharing to cut down on latency without a huge investment of edge networks or storage.
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    Whatsapp is e2e encrypted how can they steal data
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    Adopt an open protocol, convince VC that you have a revolutionary idea other than the open protocol, spend your initial funding running servers, when you run out blame the market and move on. You just got hedge funds to maintain public infrastructure.
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