What is the best source to learn website development?

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    Depends. level of skill you already have, languages you prefer over languages people shove down your throat. Freecodecamp is very js orientated. codeacademy will laydown some general knowledge. tuts+ network old stuff like 4 years ago is a good start. coursera and similar free course sites. youtube obviously. find something that seems to cover a big site build do that else will end up poking at bits and pieces never sure how these fancy new things fit for years to come.
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    I agree with the two choices given above. There's also:

    Tutorialspoint (my favorite source)
    Khan academy
    And Coursera
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    I feel old now, go buy a book in the languages you want to get into.

    Web is a dauntingly large and broad topic now. What do you want to focus on?
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    Idk, but i feel like youtube is better sometimes.

    But if you want to start from 0, the recommended websites in the previous comments are good.
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    @OneOrZero +1
    and later csstricks.
    Please lool at their flexbox guide later on ^^
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    W3schools covers most of web development. YouTube videos really helps, like thenewboston channel
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