Yesterday: "11 updates available"
*Didn't install them to avoid the restart notification*
Today: "No updates available"


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    It's just testing you! If you give in, it'll know your weaknesses!
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    Next day: 120 updates
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    Did you switch off the pc meanwhile?
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    Next day when turning off, "Installing update 1/126370"
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    @dontbeevil it was off over night... but just why is windows that bad?
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    @cvonderstein They were probably installed in the background when you shut it down😛
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    @millido nope, I watched it shutting down because I was going to bed ^^
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    @cvonderstein it's not bad, when you shut down it install updates if already downloade, I think it's good so next time you don't need to install and restart windows... I switch off pc at the end of every working day, so I never had torestart it for updates
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    Obviously they were installed in the background, and did not require restart in the first place.
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    @elazar I disabled automatic update installation ^^
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    it happens to me on Apple App Store, I turn on mac at work, 1 new update available. Open the app and nothing in the update window, and hour later open the app iMovie needs an update, the next day, nothing to be updated. That store is drunk IMO
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