One of my friends purchased a bootable USB of ubuntu for around 40 USD.

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    The last idiot hasn't been born yet.
    But that is pretty damn close to a Nobel idiot prize
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    ++ for perfect image
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    Was it at least a decent size stick?
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    I'm starting a startup of bootable usb's!
    Gonna be a millionaire soon!
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    Perfect image... Easy $40. Next: Tutorials on Udemy on how to install Ubuntu for ONLY $90.
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    xDDDDDDD oh God...oh God really... holly molly... xD
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    Is the stick like a terra big?
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    It's hard to say. It depends on the price of that USB flash drive.
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    Please tell me it's some 10.4 without a GUI.
    And the stick's capacity is 1GB.
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    An Ubuntu branded USB is sometimes worth it.
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    Price of hardware + price of work/time. Not too bad, if you are lazy and money is not your main concern.
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    Don't judge, you don't know how good is that USB stick
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    Well in my country we have stores that offer software installation ,Windows installation , drivers installation/update ... For like 10 to 20 € .
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    One of the few times it’s legitimate to tell someone to torrent something instead of paying for it...
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    $20 for the USB; $5 profit, $20 for labour. Profit: $25.
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    @IllSlapU Could try selling bootable NOOBS usb drives to noobs. Noobception.
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