I was talking with a guy who is making an android app for his thesis but hes "shitdamn awful in java". I offered to help because im so fucking nice.

"oh but i dont have facebook, is it a problem?"

Nah sure i dont use facebook anyways, got telegram?


Riot? Irc?


Then what do you use???



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    After making a telegram account he kept spamming me with questions that could be ddg'd in like 3 seconds, oh joy
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    Yup fuck Skype
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    @linuxxx i mean who the fuck uses it anymore??
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    @BindView About everyone I know 😭
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    @linuxxx same here ☹
    Skype is terrrrrible

    @BindView This is why I avoid helping people unless they already seem competent. It's so often a thankless, exhausting waste of energy. 🙁
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    @Ashkin @BindView well i honestly solely don't use it due to very much privacy concerns but it sucks anyways haha
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    I used Skype for work for two months in 2010, and I knew from that, it wouldn't work out. Now, I use slack at work, telegram for my inner circle, and Hangouts for the rest.
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