I got devRant working in python using only the standard libraries

But tkinter is an awful, hellish library that only supports gifs. But at least it runs native on raspberry pi

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    It looks cool though, nice work 👍
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    Now, I feel my efforts for my to make devrant api wrapper in python goes wasted.
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    @Aitkotw Thanks! I can't pretend it wasn't a ballache though. I'm thinking of having messages like "please install <nonstandard library> to view this content", because you can try/ except imports in python, which is neat.

    That would allow me to convert images to gifs and display them normally.
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    @github I was reading an API wrapper to help me, so if that was yours, thank you! (And it wasn't wasted). The only difference is my API wrapper uses urllib instead of requests.
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    @AlgoRythm oh. Nice.
    If you have the repo open sourced, so share the link. May be I can be helpful if not in contributing code, but happy to share my little knowledge on various devrant APIs and other reference repos to look for.
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    @github I will soon enough. The devRant API is the dead easy part. Tk is the awful part.
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    @AlgoRythm yup. Totally agree. Btw, which version of python are you developing in?
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    @github 3, so no PIL, fuck me
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    Take a look at pyqt5 it's a lot better than tkinter, but still not great
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    Awesome! Would u care to share the github link?
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