Im getting interested in two languages. Namely: Ruby and Python. both seem like really good languages.

which one do you think would i be better off learning?

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    Learn both. There's something to like in each.
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    You're right :) i think i'll start with Ruby@Polarina
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    Never Ruby

    Ruby got popular because it got advertised aggressively by some stuck-up hipsters that basically said "you suck if you don't work with Ruby". I've never seen more arrogance than that which is coming from Ruby devs a few years back.

    And look where it got them!
    From being one of the top choices for backend, it rolled down to being one of the last.

    Perl inspired, Python works, PHP doesn't give a crap, JS helps, and Ruby smells its own farts.

    It's a soon-to-be dead language.


    (Java is falling from the steepest slope of them all but it's still waaay out there in popularity)
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    Both the languages are very similar so if you start with one you'll need a far lesser time to master the other.
    Both are very nice for prototyping.
    Ruby has a nice syntax and it also inspires Elixir syntax and the rails framework for the web.
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    Ruby is wonderful. Ignore the hate above -- it's kind of unfounded. It isn't as popular as it used to be, but whatever, trends change. It's still my absolute favorite language, and it makes development a blissful experience.

    But don't take our advice -- try it for yourself! That's the only opinion that matters 😋

    Python is used more for scripts and small utilities than anything. Definitely good to pick up.
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    @Ashkin agreed with everything you said except for the Python part really.
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    I chosen python. I looked at ruby at beginning it doesn't look really different. But I like how python works and you also get it pre-installed on Linux distros. Python also great at anything like web, GUI, etc.
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    Like some others said, learn both, there are great things to learn from Ruby and Python. In my case, I love Ruby syntax, it is powerful and expresive but the thing is that the community around Ruby stays mostly in the web even though the language is a general purpose and powerful as fuck. I am not too crazy about Python syntax, i like it, but it is not my favorite, the thing is, you can damn near use Python for everything, its amazingly good in the web with utiliti3s and frameworks like django and flask, pyramid etc, and not only that but it has a ton of pressence in academia and in branches such as machine learning. The conda environment is great and plays well with all environments and things like numpy, pandas etc are a thing of beauty. Both have remarkable strengths and beauty so go for both! Learn as much as you can!

    Btw ruby syntax is comparable to crystal and elixir which are definitely worth taking into consideration as well.
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    I would really recommend you to learn Rust. It will teach you a lot about Data Types, how to handle Errors decently and how to programm functionally and can also teach you how to write parallel code. Imo learning rust will help you in every other programming language.
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    @maxsers the the exact opposite of the languages @NullnVoid choosed
    Rust gives you too much control and the same level safety, but has a very steep learning curve
    Ruby and Python has a more smooth and easy learning curve. And a more enjoyable feedback loop.

    If you like the safety of the type system, probably checkout Go,Rust.
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    Ruby probably is the love of my life.
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