"In practice, UML is a counterproductive tool in software and system design." Gerrit Muller (Gaudí Systems Architecting)

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    I can kinda agree on this unless you need to hand a solution design to someone or smth like that
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    I disagree. I use them regularly to document design and choices.
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    This is true. But view statements like this in a historical context: if it’s said by a dev who was active during the pre-Agile era, and worked a lot with Waterfall, there’s a chance they’ve really grown to hate UML and similar things because they were overused back then.

    For someone starting fresh today I’d argue there’s still a value in learning these ideas, as some companies have gone too far the other direction and just wing it without any plans.

    Or at least it’s good to know what people are dissing
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    @jiraTicket uml is as useless as it was in the past.
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    I find knowing UML concepts are helpful. But there's no need to follow the spec. As long as it's something that people can understand, it should be fine
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    tbh i can't do fully compliant UML but also can't imagine working though some projects without architecture diagrams and flow charts created by people who knew standards for drawing them.
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    I also agree with the guys above. I see no need to stick to "all" UML notations and standards. I wing it as well, but document to the point I think is clear enough for a future me to understand what was done. That being said, UML alone is definitely not enough. But it certainly helps to explain stuff at a glance, compared to reading a huge document.
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    @NoMad tbf. If everyone stuck to the specs. we could have code generated from UML.

    Though after some years of experience I think it'd be more useful to. generate diagrams from code
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