So Thursday our first beta client is supposed to go live. Tomorrow there is a team meeting to discuss the status. Team lead wasn't in at work last Thursday and Friday and gave me his work to finish, which I need to proceed with mine. I hardly made progress on it. So now I have to tell him about that tomorrow. And I'm dreading it so hard. More so because for some reason HR/support sits in on our meetings and will be on my ass again I'm not meeting deadlines. I did say last week it looked like it wouldn't be done in time but I was told it just needs to happen because the release date was already announced. So yeah the coming week is going to suck. And I'm on leave myself this coming Friday so I expect people to explode. I know I should just stop caring and get on with job searching but the whole injustice of being set up for failure by others and then being blamed really makes me mad.

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    Don't take blamed for others mistakes, you should give priority to your work, instead of doing any of team leads work.
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    @Aitkotw Well if I hadn't accepted it I'd have had nothing to do while he was out. And accusations of not being a team player would have flown my way again. He did say do what you can even if it is very little. It's just HR and boss not understanding how this goes and feeling justified in putting me down over it because it's easier to blame the dev than admit setting deadlines on the work of other departments without properly consulting them is a dumb thing to do.
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    @gitblame well, that's a truth !!
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