sometimes I can't believe people are willing to pay so much money for just a simple website !!

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    In what fucking parallel universe do you live? I used to make freelance websites and most of them were purely text based with pictures, sometimes they were multiple pages with a very simple menu. On freelancer.com or similar sites it is really difficult to get more than 15€ for this, which is fucking rediculous when you consider that I work 2-3 hours on it. (between communication with the client, actually making the html and css and changes the clients want to be done.
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    but then there are devs from nepal who are doing it for $5

    here in switzerland a website for a small business starts at $ 5000 up to $ 12'000. And for medium to big business prices start around $40'000.
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    @heyheni ok that is a LOT of money, but the swissd cost of living is high as well. That is to say, this kind of money is only for when a really professional big studio makes your site and it includes things with php and databases. If you want to have a textbased page with a bit of fancy css you can just pay someone from 50 to 250€ and they will do that.
    I live in Germany and I once bought a website with fancy parallax effects (back when this was the shit), an email contact form, implemented youtube videos and overall really nice design for 350€
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    @jobylie well I do live in a parallel universe .. !! 😂😂
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    @riteshx95 how much is much for you? :)
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    Do not jinx it!!!!!
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    @jobylie The last few 2-3 hour web jobs I did, I made $200-$300 CAD.

    If you go to a professional company asking for a super simple 3-5 page site (not including DBs or backend), you're looking at around $2500.
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