Funny definition of fibonnacci, this is about right.

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    I get it why somebody can dislike Fibonacci numbers.
    I have architecture background and actually I love these numbers. The math, theory, connection to nature(plants, shells, human body). Whole theory of ancient proportion in architecture is based on these numbers.
    Now when I code and can generate them with recursion make it super cool! ;D
    Sorry for this :) I just really like Fibonacci
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    @Edgarpascua I also had an episode in my life with forex. But couldn't handle the stress to trade responsible.
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    Why is science underlined for no damn reason?
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    @iam13islucky I don't know CSS 😂😂😂
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    Fibonacci doesn't have to be recursive...and, it's not really even a good example of why recursiveness is useful. I would say a good example is something that goes through a branching system of files and prints out the name of all .txt objects, then goes through each subsequent branch and does the same
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    I always used a complicated math formula instead.
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    @BitFlipped there is nothing like a good example. Since that depends on the subject in question. If I am a math major, then it makes sense to explain recursion with a concept I can relate to. Most books or post on Algorithms will either use factorial or fibonnacci to explain the concept. However it is up to the user to understand better based on the example they can relate to easily. Also, mind you that computers do not support recursion at the machine level. And every recursive operation can be rewritten without recursion using a stack. And every algorithm that uses a stack can be rewritten without a stack using one or more recursive approach. In explaining the concept books try to stay independent on anything like file read, to grab all txt object in your case so as not to complicate the idea. IMHO
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    Made Fibonacci program a year ago...
    Forgot how to do it a couple days ago...
    My logic brain cells r soooo history!! 😨😨😨
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    @starbear I have nothing to do with architecture or logo design or anything but fibonaci and the golden ratio fascinate me since I read about it in one of Dan Browns books
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