I am really curious... who of you actually uses snapchat and why?
In my opinion it's one of the most useless apps out there and one of the best concepts to share all your private information with other people and of course the developers.
Also I'd like to believe that rather intelligent people don't use it or if they use it then just for the sake of not being excluded. Since this is a community of programmers I'd like to hear your opinions.

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    You could say exactly the same for Facebook, Twitter and others. And in fact I heard just that some years ago.
    The difference is that Snapchat came later and most of us are not used to it, and we have not enough peer pressure to persuade us to use it.
    It's purely a social thing, not a technical one.
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    "intelligent people don't use it"..
    Thats a pretty fucking pretentious thing to say.

    Because people like sharing things visually with friends and using filters that makes them less intelligent?

    If you can't see right from the outset why millions of people enjoy using a product, this is what separates you and a multi million dollar product.
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    I think it's really popular among teenagers. My girlfriend's sister and her friends are probably sending 100 pictures to each other every day for the last 4 years. To me it just seems like a big time waster. Chat/messaging is more effective.
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    @D--M I want to apollogize. It was poorly worded. But it was my perception that higher educated people tend to use snapchat less.
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    Privacy issues aside, Snapchat stood out because it provided a way to communicate transiently. Sometimes it's nice if I don't want my messages to be stored permanently by default.
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    Hot grillz sending you "selfies".

    You can keep your higher-intellect complex.

    It's also funny to send your mate a video where you yell "CUNT" at the top of your lungs knowing his volume is turned all the way up and he's on a bus.
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    @Hedgepig Hm... interesting... thx. Haven't thought about it like that.
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    @DLMousey xD
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    @Andi I also doesn't like snapchat at all, also there concept as snapchat is for rich people.
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