Writing code an testing it: works fine.
Not touching it for 3 weeks: can't compile it due to an gradle error

I hate Cordova!

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    Cordova is bad for your health.
    Welcome to devRant 😀
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    @gitpush yeah just noticed that :D but my boss told me to use Cordova
    Thanks :)
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    @daCoda good luck with that, I don't envy you :S
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    Please kill me... Now the App is build and the emulator starts, but the app is crashing all the time without any error
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    @daCoda I keep on reading your name as: daCordova T_T
    Try a clean -> build
    Maybe Gradle is using old cache?
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    Haha yeah that name fits kinda...
    Already did a SVN revert, removed android and added it again... Now gonna remove all plugins and readd them in case there is any problem due to old version or anything
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    @daCoda abandon Cordova and you'll be fine :p
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    Definitely abandon it for my next project! Do you now any good ans modern cross platform development frameworks?
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    @daCoda some people I know swear by ionic. Haven't used it myself though.
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    @kerambit I will try it out, thanks :)
    Finally fixed the problem... My Coworker used an older version of the Google maps plugin. It seems like they renamed a important Java class in the newer version which lead to a classNotFound exception... Thank god for ADB logcat :D
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