Giving up on music to focus on programming.

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    Aside of perhaps being your passion, Is a music career profitable lately? I do know personally that Audio engineers do make some money but what you exactly meant by "music"
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    @legionfrontier it was a hobby, not really profitable.

    @Alice I regret giving up on it because it was a hobby that was different from my job and didn't involve computers at all.

    And as much as I want to get back on it, I don't have the time and energy. Also, I'd have to buy a new bass guitar and amp.
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    @riteshx95 what do you mean?
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    I consider both of the same league. Both require creativity and practice
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    I am both a developer and a musician (i play harpsichord and piano, and I compose stuff on PC), and as such I think that both could be important hobbies and jobs.
    I don't see why you shouldn't do both at the same time...
    I mean, if you want to get back on music, that means you DO have some energy for it. You just have to find the time... maybe on weekends, or on holidays... you can always find the time to try (or in this case, retry) something that you love(d) doing.

    Even a hobby can be something more, in life, if you fight for it.

    While for the money... you could go for something cheaper, for now...
    Just to begin. :D
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    Giving up on programming and music to focus on programming music xD
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    @AKCr That's a good one :D
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    @Gaetano96 Was remembering that SonicPi was installed on my Raspi before.
    If you look for me across the Internet, you'll find 'araspik' mentioned.
    ARaspiK. AK Raspi. I really started programming when I got that little baby.
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    @AKCr Oh... (?)
    Wow, okay
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    @Gaetano96 Sorry, had to get that out.
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    @AKCr Well, why are you apologizing?
    You're ranting, and you're on devRant :D
    It's all okay 💙
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