>le me installing updating lineageOS to nougat
>backed up everything
>oh_cool_I_can_use_f2fs.jpg (on my data partition)
>TWRP decides to format SD card instead (2 GB worth of photos, 1 GB of personal data, few hundred megs of documents, and 2 GB in app data backups)
> FHAHIGHIUAHHEDGiha uishfgiuh aiohghaihihsdfoguio hqeaiuohgiu oqehribhqiearhbuihiuh.jpg
>foremost, testdisk, extundelete.. nothing helps since the card was fucking encrypted...
> managed to recover, guess this.... only images that ended up in devRants cache and a few movie cover arts.
>fuck fuck FUCK FUCK !!!

A word of advice, always backup shit kids.

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    The reason it was wiped is because it was encrypted.
    That's what happened to my data on the internal memory as well. That's why I never agreed to encrypt the microsd card. I hate forced encryption.
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    @AndSoWeCode no, I just need to setup a backup service. I encrypted it manually because I want to be safe in case someone steals my phone.
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