Amazing how leaders keep rescheduling 101's, but will find the time to do them as soon as they have negative feedback to share

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    Cuz then you wouldn't have the chance to ask for a raise 🤷🏻
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    @gitpush pretty much
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    As a reluctant leader myself, i understand the flow of how that happens. The thing I find that most in any leading role tend to miss is that if that's the flow of things and now you need to handle some negatives/issues... you'd be at least as responsible for whatever occurred/is occurring. Failing to see that and simply trying to give feedback/improve as if you're some 3rd party is just gonna make the shitstorm contain shrapnel... cuz then instead of just being too busy/otherwise engaged to handle routine check-ins and now having an issue arise, youve also got assets that are stressed, feel/are unheard, are only informed of *whatever* after it's an issue and have zero confidence or loyalty towards you, only pent up distaste for your demeanor/methods.

    And that's way harder and time consuming to deal with than some mildly awkward, mundane status checks... even moreso if u need to find a replacement.
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