I think my ISP has been a little sneaky cum gargler. Nothing wanted to stream properly for awhile now. When even youtube struggles shit is wrong.

Installed protonvpn now and by the power of some magical internet ball bag the internet came forth and is streaming at 720p no buffer even required and from a not so glorious server.

did they try to keep me blind? Not no more I have wiped that jizz off my face.

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    ISP throttling ftw :/. Goodbye net neutrality i guess!
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    “sneaky cum gargler” hahaha!
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    "I have wiped that jizz of my face" ;)
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    Sounds about right. After I set up a VPN link at the router level, my traffic is magically moving much faster.

    Dunno if they’re doing stupid QoS or just have shitty routes.
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