My worst dev experience was my first software as freelance...
1 month codding
When delivering the app the client didnt want it anymore...
Two years latter the client calls me because he had a problem... Merging hundreds of access 97 databases... Exactly what my software did (besides editing, filters and remove duplicates)
Told him I got mad, deleted the source code and was already working on a company...
He had to pay for a software company to do the same 10 times the cost

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    Didn’t you have a contract that you could turn to? Always create a contract.
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    I was like 20... And realy liked to make that app... I didnt trow it away, an uncly of mine used it as an agenda for his clients.... so that's that 👽
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    But why delete what you created..
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    I didnt delete it... just told I did
    Btw... I got the story all wrong
    it took 2 months of coding
    and two weeks latter the client calls, not two years...

    Been messing things up lattely, sory
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