Network device up/down status monitoring tool

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Network device up/down status monitoring tool

Would anybody be interested in helping with a network monitoring tool that monitors the status of devices and can be set up to email/text down notifications? There's still a lot to do with it but the notif script, database, and portions of the GUI are finished. Wouldn't mind some help with an installer, documentation, and any other improvements that you may think of.
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    I think one of the biggest problem areas is finding a way to send a message when the message server isn't working. :-)
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    @Nanos the "who watches the watchtower" problem? Just run it in redundancy :)
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    There is only one cell tower where I am, so there is no backup way of sending SMS/TXT messages..

    So I really need another server whose soul purpose is to keep an eye on the main server.. ?

    At this rate it will be like the Space Shuttle, with a backup server keeping an eye on the backup server keeping an eye on the backup server keeping an eye on the backup server keeping an eye on the server.
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    @Nanos hmm no let me clarify.
    Notifs are achieved via email, or email to MMS.

    I personally use uptime robot to monitor my public facing servers, and use the script to monitor internal things like my security cameras. Also use it at work where our wan spreads across 50+ buildings with over 5,000 devices that we need to know if they go down. That doesn't include PCs, we don't care if they're up/down.
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    Are there any good email clients for Android phones that let you know in a loud and repeating fashion when you have one of those alerts to a specific email address ?

    So I guess I'll have to run my own email server downstairs, so it can email me upstairs to let me know something isn't working. :-)
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    @Nanos that's where email->MMS comes in.
    No need, I use PHPMailer.
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    MMS is SMS/TXT right ?

    If only my local cell tower always worked !

    Don't you need a continuous once a minute (randomised time within that minute.) check on everything, including the communication system to make sure its working when needed ?

    Eg. a SMS sent every minute ?

    As used in nuclear power station warning systems.
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    @Nanos yes, script is crontabbed.
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    I'm reminded of one ISP that used pagers for its monitoring communication, but if you was out of range at the time, the message was never sent !

    I preferred SMS as it would at least repeatedly try and send the message to you once you got within range again. (Though I heard it reduced the amount of times it did so over time, eg. it might try every minute for the first hour, and then every 4 hours after 24 hours.)

    But I found SMS patchy, sometimes you'd send one and it would arrive within a few seconds, other times it would take days to arrive !

    Email requires a working email server, and those are so hard to keep up and running 24/7.

    I only caught my server the other day being goofy when one of the appliances connected with it made a sound as it went offline, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed !

    As such, it interests me how to monitor it better without it taking huge resources to do so.

    The UPS could also do with some loving too, like how to tell when its off !
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    @Nanos you can go ahead and poke around in the code. It uses external mail servers tho.
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    icinga/nagios are no possible solution?
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    @stop didn't know about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Spiceworks do a network monitor. I use it daily
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