A collaborative writing platform

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A collaborative writing platform

A writer's platfrom where people can write poems, stories,scripts and others can fork it and add their own twists to it. Anyone can improve others writing by pull requests. Can collaberate on others stories. You know where i am going with this, 😁also version control of writing. upvote and comment writings. Also research paper writing can be awesome.
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vue/react, django/nodejs
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    it would be kinda cool if there was a story where you wrote it, then sent it to a friend to modify, then they send it to their friend and so on, and you can see the modified publication of each one.
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    *pin emoji*
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    I love this idea. You should call it TextHub.
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    i have better idea ... no collaboration. Just a platform for writer to publish their novels, in parts ( like some weekly episode )

    They wil be paid based on the trafic they generate
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    Could be based on git. Or just be git. (Any SCM will do)
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    @jalebiBhai monatization is a good idea
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    what is mona ?
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    @jalebiBhai monetization πŸ˜…
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    @calmyourtities like this ? https://chyoa.com/

    #nsfw #adultcontent
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    Sounds like Wattpad... without the mona of course
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    I could help with Vue, that's the only tech I know from your stack.
    It's a good idea, Wattpad isn't collaborative, basically you write and post stories. Your case is way different since you're allowing crowd writing. There are a few things to think about, like only the owner should be allowed to accept the changes and merge content. Otherwise a big pile of shit could come out of everything writing whatever they want lol
    Things to be implemented... The way to monetize this... Providing suggestions about topics to write could be good... Well you must come with a good base and then you can start adding features.
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    @Darmark wow! thats some real suggestion.
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    @deepmind I'm interested in this project. How should I hop in??
    I'm comfortable with Vue and django.
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    The URL works lol
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