RantComics - Make your own devRant based comics with the community!
(Ideas / PRs welcome)
(Subproject of devBanner Org)

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Open source idea

RantComics - Make your own devRant based comics with the community!<br /> (Ideas / PRs welcome)<br /> (Subproject of devBanner Org)

[ARCHIVED] Please leave a comment if interested. Did you checked out the awesome comic @trogus made in Illustrator (from USD 10)? Well, those are good as well, but not many people have the "designer" skills to make those from scratch and those tools are freaking expensive. RantComics will (TODO: Remove will) create an awesome comic generator based in a predefined template, so that you just need to type in the lines. It will reuse the code from devBanner, which means it will probably written in C#. The project development will start soon, if you are interested, join the Gitter chat in the link below and talk with us. Or you can check out the GitHub repository. (PRs welcome) *Notes* This collab is a sub-project of the devBanner Organization.
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