Tinder with AI like Black Mirror episode

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Tinder with AI like Black Mirror episode

Basically a New Tinder that will use some kind of AI to make date simulations in a digital world to determine which couples could have more potential to success. I think the world need this! But not sure if it is achievable at the moment. What do you think guys? It is possible to make a simple beta version to test the concept? (I don't know AI)
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Maybe Django
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    Please take a look at season 4 episode 4. It’s already there
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    @lincredibleJC yes I know. But I'm talking about make the episode reality
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    not achievable but what is is facial recognition technology to determine is a girl is physically your type
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    I would be all about a simpler version of it. Users fill out information about what they look for in a woman and then from there they write their dates and the AI recalcs what they are looking for according to their feedback. This would be totally doable and from the surface layer it does not sound like too complicated AI but I'm sure it could get pretty hairy
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    But no we cannot create digital clones of ourselves that take on our similar biology. Maybe once we learn more about the human brain and then can clone it's functionality in a digital world. I'm scared of that day approaching though
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    @cmrickels great bro! Thank you for your comments
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    I don't even know what I look for in a girl. How does an AI know that based on pictures and a sleazy description?
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    @Codex404 have you ever done one of those phycology questioners, the real ones not the click bait ones? They ask a bunch of similar questions ina different manner to insure accuracy and can often be on point. It'd be the same concept
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    @cmrickels have you studied psychology?

    And yes I have and it told me the exact opposite of what I am.
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    Are you trying to simulate if the couple would argue and have compatible sex and what not?

    Because if so, Im down to talk about stuff that isnt possible just yet.
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    We can start with mock-ups, and fyi the implementation on browser side is done https://coach.dating but we can make full featured dating app, with several factors to match couples, for example. Daily steps, how fast he/she walks.. etc.. let me know what you have on your mind.
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