Take a picture of sudocode, like on a whiteboard, and translate it to actual code (based on language)

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Take a picture of sudocode, like on a whiteboard, and translate it to actual code (based on language)

1. Write sudocode on physical medium (paper, whiteboard, your face) 2. Take picture of sudocode 3. ??? I have some familiarity with facial recognition software, so something along the lines of finding specific shapes, converting those to letters, and getting the actual text 3. The hardest part is writing the conversion formulas for sudo to real code since people have variety in the way they sudocode loops and shit and all that madness 4. Generate new text document with the converted code. 5. Dont profit since its open source. 6. An archive would be smart, to save sudocode translations and learn over time but ML isnt really my strongsuit.
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Since itd be mobile - Java / Swift, but Id lean towards utilizing Xamarin (C#), and an API/DB for reference.
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    It's pronounced 'sudo code', yep.

    However, it's written 'pseudo code'.
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    @eeee i guess symantics would be an important consideration
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    @IllSlapU links to some?
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    @snaz you obviously dont plan much do you
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    There is no way to convert pseudo code to programming syntaxes because it has no defined rules. And as soon as you define rules for pseudo code, it becomes a language. So basically you are suggesting a new language.

    I would rather use an OCR app that could take picture of my code, detect the language, and compile it, and finally, show me the output.
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    There is some serious shade being thrown in this thread. 😂
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    if this guy is struggling to just to the translating part https://devrant.com/collabs/..., what makes you think you can do it and have it be scanned from something physical to your phone
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    @calmyourtities so because one guy cant figure it out - we should all just... give up?
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    I'm pretty sure this is just called python?
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    @mkdirLuci4 im saying that if someone struggled to do half of your app, its gonna be an incredible challenge to do both. if you have such a strong desire to complete the project, maybe you should collaborate with the author of the other project
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    @calmyourtities i will def give him a ring.
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    So what you are going to do is convert every single English words that are similar, or so called synonyms to a programming language syntax.

    That can't be done. You need to have every single synonyms match a specific syntax.

    For example, "by the time when a<10 is not true", "until the time when a<10 is not true", "while a<10 is true", "while a is less than 10", "during a is less than 10", and so on should be matched somehow to "while a<10". Even though you use powerful computing skills, it is unlikely to ever release a alpha version.

    It will take centuries to make, and it will take longer to find whether there is a end to "pi" or not.

    I am not discouraging anyone, but just saying my words.
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    @CozyPlanes i definitely dont disagree with what youre saying. I realize the monumental task that is the conversion formulas - and I guess, in retrospect, there would have to be some guidelines to what it can convert which does defeat the purpose and would essentially be making a new language
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    looking for patterns in the pseudo code will probably not work, simply because there are no standard patterns in a pseudo code as far as I know.

    But if your AI could "understand" the pseudo code, this could help a lot.
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    @mkdirLuci4 This is now going somewhere in forward direction. What if...? We work on different parts of same project. I believe this could be happening. I wasn't following up on collabs since I'm having exams.
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    @rezn0v its okay Ive been starting a new job so Ive been busy - but I like the idea. If you get a chance, message me on github or something: yatesm4
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    Bro it's called Python and its been out for like 20 years
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