STEM consultant as a service

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STEM consultant as a service

Basically a website for law makers to use (for shit like what happened recently) with a list of documents about technology topics. They should be written as a collaboration between professionals in the field. These documents would basically be a list of questions and acceptable answers. Should keep simple for simpletons, and possibly include reasons why.
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    This is interesting 📌
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    I’m not pissing on your idea but I think this already exists in the shape of a million different consultancies and think tanks.
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    True, but how many of these are controlled by some tech giant or another. Not that it's a bad thing.

    But we need something open, available to the public, and easily understood. Something these fucker will actually use.

    Not like this is the best option, especially if ignored. But it's a step in the right direction. Right?
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    I agree with you but governments and big corporations won’t. They will want to go with the traditional think tank, every time.
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    Then this idea is not that start. Something else needs to happen. The future cannot continue to be dictated by those without knowledge.

    You saw the Zuckerberg bullshit. Everyone was asking dumbass questions. Put computer scientist and engineers up there.

    Maybe a TV show that teaches this in a very basic way? I know the information is out there. But this needs to become mainstream.
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