Anti Dutch mass surveillance crawler

Project Type
Existing open source project

Anti Dutch mass surveillance crawler

TL;DR: A web crawler mimicing human behaviour. The new mass data surveillance law will spy on everyone's internet data in an area around the "suspect" Me (including other people) don't like this idea... So in return i'm going to generate a lot of garbage data for them to search through. The idea itself is to create a stand-alone pi that mimics human behaviour
Tech Stack
Node.js, shell script/bash
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    Can you create a slack or something?
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    @fun2code The point isn't to plug it into your computer and let it control you pc, then what use is it? The main goal is to be a stand-alone box that you place next to your router (or where ever) and let it do it's thing, simulate web usage and trying to look as human as possible.

    This way you can use your internet but in the 'background' also generate 'garbage' data (which isn't even garbage, it's real data, but not generated by a person so, no personal data)
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    Awesome idea!
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    @incognito You'll be reachable through signal still, hopefully?
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    @fun2code Git commit -m "Just added some blockchain in our artificial intelligence, the big data should work even more agile now!"
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    GitHub link?
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    what about something like a browser extension that goes to random sites so other people can participate more easily?
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    @FinlayDaG33k heard you were interested
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    @incognito indeed :)

    I'll keep an eye on the beginnings for now (I still have to learn a decent NodeJS and Git workflow)
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    @calmyourtities I think that it's better to just make it a NodeJS thing for now and maybe have other people create extensions or something?
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    Do we have something like a Slack already?

    Might be easier to communicate ideas n stuff
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    @FinlayDaG33k yes, the link is a few comments up (5th comment)

    Can't copy paste 🙁
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    Ah yes, I found it :)
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    This is an awesome idea. Actually had a similar idea in light of the whole NSA, police state, Patriot Act bs going on. Also found out there are ways to detect government drones in your area. Gonna look more into this.
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    I think a better approach might be to centralize traffic from different communities, while shuffling and garbling the data somehow to make it indistinguishable. It might make the data untraceable/incomprehensible to whomever is spying.

    Also, encryption no?
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