browser extension to 100% protect against phishing attacks

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browser extension to 100% protect against phishing attacks

lots of extensions can protect against phishing attacks by telling you if a site isnt legitimate, but what happens if they get it wrong? now, your grandma's credit card number is in a text file in some random foreign guy's computer. there's only one legit way to protect against this 100% of the time. my idea is that you give all your passwords to the extension, then it hashes them (enough so it's unbreakable within the near future). it will check every single textbox and hash its value against the password, to see how if it's the same. if the password hash and textbox hash are the same, it checks if the password is on the correct domain.
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    I think the easiest way to do it is to make a extention with a single button. That button is going to activate the protection, by.........

    closing the browser! (no internet no problem!) its going to be super effective for my family at least...
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    @Condor but youre a *dev*. youre technical. grandparents, middle aged people, and careless young people need something like this. you cant hate someone just for not being technical, but you can help them.

    @Gregozor2121 but then you cant browse the internet, not to mention closing the browser is not the same from disconnecting from the internet. is this a legit comment?
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    @Condor who cares if they should use it? after all, the do use it. im just trying to help them.
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    Perhaps not very helpful comment, but perhaps it will provide some positive inspiration...

    I love this idea - I'm already very eagerly awaiting for your first public beta!
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    Similar extensions has been done before and it is in use at some level. Maybe not so visible as you describe.

    The protection doesn't work at the scale because you need to compete against big corporations.

    I have some ideas on how open password managers should work to make it easy to use and non-dependant on shared servers. Maybe we could start from there. I have plans, some demos, but nothing working really.
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    LastPass doesn't autofill if the domain is incorrect afaik
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