a project to remove many boilerplate code from .net applications

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a project to remove many boilerplate code from .net applications

basically I rebuilt dynamic classes in c# to add support for many boilerplate stuff (like notifications/resetting an object/etc..) I would love to hear new ideas and suggestions (SPECIALLY ON THE NAMING SCHEME COZ IT'S FUCKING HORRIBLE) also I wouldn't mind contributing to the code :P
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    I'm not sure from the description or code what exactly this does it how to actually use it.

    Maybe can provide 2 example apps. One with the lib n one without?
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    @billgates the unit tests should provide a good example, basically the library introduces many helper classes that provide a couple of functionalities (like notifying when a property changes/resetting an object to its previous state/etc..) these functionalities are quite common in desktop apps, and devs tend to implement these manually in many projects, so i thought why not just make a library that implements them all
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    @billgates for example that's how resetting works https://github.com/bigworld12/...
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    @bigworld12 for notifications, are you familiar with MVVM and INotifyPropertyChanged? And DependencyObjects?

    I think actually that's what you NotifyBase is trying to do?

    I have a similar lib which I use in my own apps but is built off the above.

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    @billgates NotifyBase IS INotifyPropertyChanged + INotifyPropertyChanging + INotifyDataError
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    @billgates also this library uses reflection, which I avoided as much as possible in this project
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