A crowdsourced curated list of python scripts

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A crowdsourced curated list of python scripts

A series of python scripts, from the funny ones to the utilities. Repo management using tests. Main idea of this project is to get beginners to write more python scripts and learn alongside. The repo is made with initial tests and a few scripts. The repo still requires loads of scripts of various kinds. Also an organisation logo is required.
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    im in
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    @wowotek Awesome :D. For further details you can contact me on reddit (u/itsron143) or email itsron143@gmail.com

    Contributions in the form of scripts are highly appreciated :)
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    @itsron143 sorry, but my country ban reddit. maybe other way to contact. i prefer discord hahaha
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    @wowotek haha sure.
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    on progress....
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    Dont you wanna make a central repo like apt or snap, where people can download scripts they wanna use and just run them easily?
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    @sharktits We were thinking of that as a 2.0 :p. Since the project is still in its early phases we’re focusing more on collecting scripts so that we have a strong foundation. Once that is done, we’ll move on to other features :)
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    Mind if i start working on it? We can plug em together later.
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    @sharktits Sure :)
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    I've done for today

    just pull-request ed
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