Robo Messenger

Project Type
Open source idea

Robo Messenger

Open source messaging app that self-destructs messages 1 minute after recipient has read the message. (Inspired my Mr Robot). I can build the mobile app and the server side, the encryption of messages is what I don't really know about right now.
Tech Stack
React-Native, node.js, socket.io
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    I’d always forgot what the conversation was about
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    I wanna part of it but I'm new to react-native so can't be helpful very much 😅

    You can give option about self destruction or not. As per user choice
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    @LastDigitOfPi @const you can shoot me a mail at leksyib14@gmail.com, let's discuss this.

    Also @const, this might be your chance to master react-native!
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    So like snapchat but not really
    Just the messaging part
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    Take a look at wickr on the play store
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    @lil-segfault Was going to mention this yes.
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    I'm working currently on the encryption part for my messaging app project so it will be a pleasure to help. I'm working with node.js/angular2+ and socket.io.
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    Signal also already does it, but the app has risen some concern recently.
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    i could help with encryption if necessary
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    If you need a website and etc i can help. Would love to use an app like this.
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