Im making a web browser

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Existing open source project

Im making a web browser

Im making a web browser for android but i keep failing the code because of how android studio works. I need someone to help me code the js or kotlin because im still learning js and kotlin
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js or kotlin
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    You sure about that? Will you use libraries to past a browser together or do you want a solution from scratch? Will it be compliant with all the standarts? What features should it have in the end?
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    I do want to start from scratch
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    I find the description if this collab rather minimal for wanting to do everything from scratch, I'm curious 📌
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    @alexbrooklyn the problem is when i first made this profile which was yesterday i tried improving the broswer but then failed and got currupted so i have to start all over
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    @NovaApps A working browser is a massive project.

    Just parsing the different languages required is a massive project each.

    As a pure research or experiment, possibly, but a real working usable browser ...

    If Microsoft cancel its own browser because its to hard to keep up, well, you are looking at a multi year, hundreds developer strong project at the very least.

    But good luck :)
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    I suggest you also make a new OS from scratch to support the browser.
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    @SparkyTD And a new type of processor + logic gates and transistors
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    This whole thread is precious lol
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    If you want to start from scratch you'll need to re-implement quantum physics, electricity, transistors, logic gates, latches, a CPU architecture, a BIOS, a kernel, an OS, a compiler, a programming language, an IDE, a linter, a build system, a VCS, a CI/CD system, a network stack, an HTTP client, an HTML parser, a JS engine, a CSS system, a renderer, a chrome, and then you'll go back to Android system webview. Good luck.
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    What they said. If you really wanna do stuff, find a real problem.
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