Unofficial devRant API Documentation
(Remake of the old devRant-Docs site)

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Unofficial devRant API Documentation<br /> (Remake of the old devRant-Docs site)

Remember my old devRant-Docs website? (https://devrant-docs.github.io) Me and @frogstair completely rewrote it the few past days! So, we're announcing: The new unofficial devRant API Documentation! You can find it at https://devrantapi.docs.apiary.io We decided on using apiary.io and the API Blueprint format instead of my shitty old AngularJS Website for a more consistent look, scalability, and an easier to edit environment. @frogstair has also documented some parts that were missing from my site, including authentication, and user interaction. Despite that, there are still some points to go over such as image sharing, and changing user info. If you want to help us out, you can find the repo in the devRant-Community organization on GitHub! (Link below) We would be very happy about any contributions and feedback on our work! Have fun! But not too much... Use the API responsibly!
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