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Streaming services content aggregator

Giant user managed db where all the streaming services shows and movies get added/marked available (by users currently subscribed). Other users can look up ones they want to watch and add them to their watch list. Users can then see which service they should subscribe on like a monthly basis. -No more annual fees/lockin for services you end up rarely using -see what each service has without needing to subscribe first (nothing says this info is proprietary and can't be shared with non subscribers?)
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web, mobile?
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    Not a bad idea but I’d be willing to bet that would be a tos violation
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    You could dl thumbnails but connected feed accounts would have to scan slowly or the activity would be flagged

    The other problem might be platforms like Netflix which host a lot of crap
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    @MadMadMadMrMim hm... Guess would need to check but what's the difference then between that and writing about some movie or show you watched on a blog site?

    I mean this would just be like IMDb or actually even a Google search.

    Which seems to scrape IMDb... lol

    And other sites... Who gave them permission to do that...
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    Sounds interesting, but crowdsourcing something like this has some inherent risks. I’d make this for the web
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    @10Dev like fake posts... I mean could have a rating system like devRant, report fakes, etc.
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    Wait looks like Google's going to do this... Just noticed there's a watchlist button

    They already have all the data... Just need it presented differently....

    Maybe they have an API.... then I just need the frontend... And shows just import all the shows on all connected accounts' watchlists...
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    Hmm... No Google public API.... for this info...
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    Then you have malicious users who would upvote crap
    Why not make this for a closed community invite only

    The data Google scrapes..
    question is how are they getting it
    Thing about Google is they possibly pay and it drives big traffic the way of the platform even if Google seems like more of a track the slaves company
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    @MadMadMadMrMim other users can downvote or flag... Then I guess use some ai and fund that if 80% of a user's upvoted, posted info shows is flagged... Ban

    Didn't get that last part.. Well this services would drive me traffic too except provide more value to users instead of streaming companies?

    And well if like Wikipedia, 100% user posted... Well then don't need to pay...

    U know that law all the big tech companies use to avoid liability...
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    @MadMadMadMrMim well yes to start out... Need users to beta test, initialize the db...
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    @donuts oh I was saying that if ever there was a platform secretly tracking and identifying and manipulating everyone world wide it’s Google

    Shady financial practices too
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    Boy it would be nice if someone could give me a remote job right now
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    That already exists, but most sites fail to provide regional information (i.e. on Netflix in the USA, but not in France)
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    @saucyatom oh.... What's a good one?
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    @donuts Not sure actually, I just remember coming across those when trying to find some linux isos.
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    It's called PLEX and Discord.
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    @NoToJavaScript haven't used Plex in a long time but that would assume ur connected to every streaming service?

    Discord? How?
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    No they are not connected to any streaing service (Except some cable TV, they have live channels now).

    And it never will. Why would Netflix share revenue with Amazon prime or Disney+ ? They fought to keep mavel films and lost. Because Diney+ wants all of marvel for them selves.

    Honestly : Torrents. I have Netflix. I have Amazon prime. I never use them. It’s fucking faster for me to just download the last episode than to find it on Netflix.

    We are talking about having access to servers PLEX already having the set of films/series.
    Discord : Gives you a list of PLEX servers. For obvious reason, I would not provide any links.
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    And for fun, here is my setup :
    I have a cusom file system watcher, I did it my self : Every time there is a .torrent in download folder, it atomaticlly uploads it to my home server

    On the home server, transmission-daemon pickls it up and downloads it

    On the same server, PLEX is setted up to auto detect new files and include them into library.

    The TV has a plex up, syncs instantly, supports most of formats. (Not supporting : PGS subtitles and trueHD audio. Which I don’t know why, DTS-HD works with no problems).

    Bonus : TV supports Dolby Vision files.

    Connected via HDMI ARC to Sony AMP.

    And with 400 MBits internet, I just click on a torrent, go for a smoke and then click with a remote for TV on anewly added item. Then profit.
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    @NoToJavaScript hm...ok... Yes torrents would solve all problems since it's basically admin to everything, movie wise.

    But most ppl don't know about that... or all this tech stuff.
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    @donuts likely they see the advertising potential but that’s likely where the fine print is

    If you connect a client to mine a site through the ordinary interface vs use some advertising program or sign for some already written service it’s probably where it becomes doable
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