Any Subtitle is a project that enables the user to watch a movie in a theater with a subtitle of any language on his device as assistance.

The user places his mobile handset on the holder on the seat in front of him

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Any Subtitle is a project that enables the user to watch a movie in a theater with a subtitle of any language on his device as assistance.<br /> <br /> The user places his mobile handset on the holder on the seat in front of him

Imagine a Musixmatch in a theatre of your choice with a handset oO.. Just Curious.. anishd19@gmail.com
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    Thanks for posting this collab. You may want to provide some more details about the project and an actual summary so you can get maximum interest. Right now prospective contributors learn anything about the project from looking at the listings and it will be hard to get interest.
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    Regrets! @dfox
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    A client asked my thoughts on the same idea, and then 15 mins later he asked me to stop. There were too many apps with similar feature on app store.

    Make sure you check the competition before you start. This will help you in building your USP.
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    Lemme say.. My app is a bit different.. and open source@wlan404
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    @anishd19 follow the simple rule, have one objective of the app and make it the TOP priority objective. Do not add too many bells and whistles and that objective you should be able to describe fully in < 1 minute. If no then you are not building an app you are building many apps together
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    Using the phone in a theater for 10 seconds is annoying for the people around you. Now imagine using it through the whole movie.
    Would people really use such an app?
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    @PRein I agree with you , but @anishd19 is still trying to figure out what his app will do or should do and just quotes his first random thought about the idea

    Positively considering your comments, anything annoying is a craze if it makes point of good entertainment. He needs to figure out what best his app can be used

    Just a wise thought.
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    @PRein the thought struck me too. The app could be pitch black with the subtitle alone in a nice crisp font of user's preferred color. Also some theatres can be requested for an association and an amoled strip can be installed on the back of every front seat or just allow us to install a smart mobile phone Holder installed on the back of every front seat.. a Holder that auto tilts to the user's view..
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    I'll help with backend once you've developed the idea a bit further and you're ready to begin development :)
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    @Dacexi Thank you!
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    The problem I see with this idea is that the user's eyes will probably have a hard time focusing on both the device screen and the theater screen, with those being too far from each other.
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    @ParanoidArg let's take India as an example.. A user may not certainly need subtitle throughout the film.. a moment in the film he would forsee a requirement and swiftly see the mobile screen to have that continuation in the plot. Just an usecase.. people here are good at Jugaad (hack) and will teach us more possible usecases.
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    that project would be fine with google glass, but that was as we all know a faillure. 🙁 So you would have to have invent some sort of Augmented Reality device since the phone screen is not blending in with the movie viewing exprience.

    great idea tho
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    Given the Cinema industry's attitude towards piracy I can't see a cinema getting on board with people having a legitimate reason to have their phones with a high quality recording device pointed toward the movie screen.
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    @anishd19 get a client onboard first and then move forward with the idea if they're receptive.
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    This actually exists here in Germany...
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    Nothing like open sourcing the reason I don't go to movie theaters anymore...

    Well that and I'm your stereotypical friendless developer.
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    Is this collaboration on ?? By chance what if I get a theatre as a partner ??
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    @anishd19 Some theatres in India have piracy checks on people using phones inside the theatre. Maybe you should confirm if something like this is allowed by consulting a movie theatre?
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    What if this app uses AR to overlay text on the movie. Then the user can use google cardboard or something and the screen brightness won’t disturb other moviegoers
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    I found "Google things" .. Possibly theatres can be convinced to provide this functionality as an addon.. Essentially it is a device which can display subtitles.. Nothing more, nothing less
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    Will update the README.md asap. Thanks all for the support. I foresee requirement of a team skilled in both electronics and software. BTW I am new to the open source collaboration, so any sort of guidance is much appreciated. B)19
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