codeCertain - Duolingo styled code learning platform that emphasizes learning by repetition. Be certain of your code.

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Existing open source project

codeCertain - Duolingo styled code learning platform that emphasizes learning by repetition. Be certain of your code.

I’m currently working on a node platform similar to online learning platforms like code academy that focus on learning skills and syntax through repetition. Similar to language learning platforms like Duolingo, the repetition of material to strengthen skills is what the platform would be based on. I’m a great front-end developer, and am working on my node skills, but I’d love a helping hand on the back-end or the wire framing process! Let me know if you have any questions.
Tech Stack
Pug/Sass/JS/Node, alterable based on team skills.
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    it doesn't solve any problem. repetition is something people don't really like much, just think, everyone who does it actually has to be dedicated enough to go online and learn it, and I think anyone that you're trying to teach won't like repetition, because people who go online to learn programming in their free time probably want to explore and do cool things
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    @calmyourtities I agree with this. Even when I learn online I never take a look at stuff twice. I only learn when I need to use it somewhere.
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    I like the idea. And intrested to participate.
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    @daegontaven Repetition can be good but it need to be done in a efficient way

    Btw the idea seems good and I would like to contribute to this project
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    @NotFound I actually thought of this idea back when Duoloingo came out. However, I soon realized that there is too much to learn for wasting time on repetition.

    Imagine learning the whole Android API using repetition. Or the django protocols.

    The only neat way to do this is to have different kinds of projects utilizing the same API.

    For an open source project, this also feels like a massive undertaking. Having to support multiple languages etc. No funding etc..

    If you feel it is worth the huge effort. Give it a go. It's not for me. But don't let me stop you.

    Good luck 🙂
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    @daegontaven For learning syntax and basics of a programming language it can be a very powerful learning way
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    @NotFound Doesn't codecademy do that already? I think freecodecamp does that too. It restarts the course from a certain point. It's doesn't have bars to show progress is all.
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    A bit like enky then?
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