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    At 50 tabs, browsers should issue a friendly popup dialogue "did you know that you can bookmark pages?"

    At 100 tabs, "here is the bookmark button" (bookmark button flashing)

    At 150 tabs, "get your shit together and bookmark" (bookmark button magnified x4 and flashing for 10 seconds)

    At 200 tabs, "you stupid fucker, that's it, no more additional tabs!"
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    @Fast-Nop It doesn't help when stupid Firefox his the bar for easy access to bookmarks. I have to reenable it every time I do a new install.
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    Honestly, this sounds like an edge case...
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    Just use tree style tabs!
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    @Fast-Nop > "At 200 tabs, "you stupid fucker, that's it, no more additional tabs!""

    I might need that feature. Especially at this time of year, my wife will have so many Firefox and Chrome tabs open they look like little dots lining the top of the browser. As you can guess "Come over here! Why is my computer sooo slow? Can you fix the internet?"
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    Slow load them or whatever you wanna call it

    Render the list of tabs but don't render every tab unless it's clicked on

    Do believe that's what my browser already does

    This is no different than the log file problem: if you open gigs big log files it'll crash most text editors because they're not loading as needed but try to load the whole file. Be smarter
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    This is when, during design discussion I say “well, fuck those users then” and we move on to better features.
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    @Fast-Nop some websites are so poorly written that you can‘t bookmark them because the url doesn‘t reflect the current location of the site that you are in.
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    @superdupernova stupid dad jokes.
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    If I have more than 3 or 4 tabs I move them to a new window grouped by topic.
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