Although there's been a lot of rants on Firefox Quantum, I'm going to add my experience anyways.

Just downloaded it on my laptop and netbook.

Motherfucker this thing is fast. No lag, pages load very freaking fast, consumes less ram than before and I fucking love the new interface!

Mozilla, you did a hell of a job!

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    Hopefully chrome dies
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    @404response Yup! Also, the fucking build in pretty high-by-default tracking protection is awesome!
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    @linuxxx I already tried out the beta a few weeks ago but now it's time to download it to my linux notebook 😀

    Privacy += 1
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    And dark theme by default!
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    @linuxxx go on slack. God want's to know about slack alternatives.
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    @purpletoxicrain Its just ff 57. It contains stuff from project quantum. Basically a rewrite of most of the rendering engine in rust. Have been using it for quite a while now trough nightlies.
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    @penderis Tell god that for security reasons I'm not going to be on slack any time soon (unencrypted chat channels are a no go for me right now) but about the only good one I know is riot :)
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    @Haxk20 Define touch support?
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    @Haxk20 I've used linux on a tablet with Firefox and that worked fine so idk why it doesn't work for you :/
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    @Haxk20 Awesome haha!
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    @Haxk20 I like the extension but in order to boost my productivity I don't use it 😅. I
    I do however close devRantron as well when I program :)
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    Tried it a bit, it’s super fast. Though when playing YouTube videos on a Mac it consumes >100% CPU. Chrome consumes less but still a lot. Safari is the only feasible browser for watching online streamed video for me, so I have to change in between multiple browsers. It sucks.
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    @linuxxx come back and educate us :-P I'm kind of persuaded, having read a bit about Slack's policies.
    Would have been nice if you'd let us know Slack no longer met your high standards before vanishing one day ;-)
    If you'd prefer to talk on Riot, my username is:
    Obviously that's encrypted (just a Caesar Cipher with an offset of 13).
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    @penderis @ThomasRedstone Will, there is Mattermost. I'm not sure about its security though, but at least it's FOSS.

    Also, riot is nice but I haven't used it yet because I have not a single contact on it. :'(
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    @theCalcaholic yeah, that's the trouble, most people don't give a crap about technical details, or privacy, most people I know just use Facebook, Whatapp, or Telegram...
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    Simple question: is firefox quantum better in every way?
    If so I’ll happily switch!
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    @FelisPhasma Compared to earlier Firefox versions? Yes
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    @ThomasRedstone My reason for vanishing was a little more complicated than just not coming on anymore. I'd tell more about it but only after everything is calmed down which won't be for maybe even a year or more.

    I'll drop by this evening :)
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    I wish chrome gets fucked
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    @linuxxx looking forward to seeing you! :-)
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    @404response some debugger features are missing compared to ram suckin motherfuckin chrome.. otherwise it's the kinkiest browser so far.
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    @linuxxx I completely agree! Firefox has finally gotten awesome again! I've been using FF Developer Edition and Nightly for a couple of months now, and the only time I switch to Chrome is when I need to use my Chromecast
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